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Everyone is familiar with sinusitis and most people know about it and do not know about it. Today our topic is this sinusitis. From this post we will know all about the disease. Symptoms of this disease are due to many reasons. Most of the time, it is because of our own self. Sinusitis is a very familiar word. Signs of headache, toothache, head heavy – all these are symptoms of sinusitis.

This is what happens:
This problem occurs in sinuses infection. But what is this sinus? There are some air holes inside the bone of the face. They come together again with the cavity of the nostrils. These air holes are called sinus. So the number of sinuses is eight, which means four pairs. There are two pairs of foreheads, one over the middle of the eyebrows, one pair of frontal sinus. On the other side of the nucleus, on the other side of the neck, behind the jawbone, one pair of Maxillary sinus and the last one pair of spheroid sinus. Behind two eyes

These sinuses are surrounded by a special cell. Their work is dripping liquid like a thin slippery jelly. It is called mucus. There is a slippery cover of the mucus between the nostril.

Sinus’s work
There is still no confirmation about Sinus’s actual work yet. But Sinus did a lot of important work. For example, if the cold air is pulled down by the breath, before it goes to the lungs, sinus makes it slightly warm and humid, so that there is no problem with the lungs. The weight of the skull bone, due to sinuses, it becomes a bit lighter (a good example of this is the ventilation in the bird’s bone, due to which the birds are lightened, which can fly). If we were not filled with Sinus, then we would have had difficulty in carrying the head load when the bone was filled with bone.

When cold or bacterial infections, sinuses mucus drops increase. As a result, the cover of the mucus that surrounds the nostril increases in size. Due to the expansion of more mucus, the open space of the ventilation is almost blocked by sinus. sinusitis is called the condition.

Headache for headache, headaches, and toothache can also be broken. Synergies can be both types of sinusitis depending on the chances. Acute sinusitis are said to be good during four to eight weeks, and if it lasts more than eight weeks, chronic sinusitis will be called.

What is sinusitis?
In the first case, it is very painful to have this disease. For diagnosis of sinusitis, you may need to take help from different types of specialist doctors. For example – Citiscan, National Endoscopy, Nose Meat Biopsy, sinus copy. If Symptoms of sinusitis is to be administered as per the doctor’s advice antibiotics. Also avoid dust. Avoid smoking.

Dental erosion and other diseases will be treated. Painful medicines (paracetamol) may be eaten if pain. If you do not like medicines, you need to wash the sinus. Many have wrong ideas, once the sinus wash is done repeatedly, the idea is not right. Bacterial sinusitis wash the patient with the appropriate levels and the rules of antibiotics.

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