7 introduction of Marriage !

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In the Family Planning Department recruitment test was asked about marriage :

What is the meaning of a good marriage?

Answer: In a word, it is difficult to answer. So many opinions related to this are attached here, sir.

1st Definition: It is a bond where two people together try to create problems that are never before!

No 2 Definition: Marriage is a beautiful beautiful forest where a brave lion hunts a deer easily!

Definition of No 3: It means’ hear this’ to ‘become deaf or deaf’ or a tour till ‘!

Definition of No 4: Marriage means’ You keep it ‘to’ Please keep it, ‘a tour till’ marriage ‘Where did you go to die?’ Where did you go to die? A tour!

5th Definition: A visit to it means ‘there is no one like you’ to ‘see a lot like you’

6th Definition: It is a ‘good luck, you have found the angel like you’, ‘I am fortunate enough to read the animals like you’, a tour!

7th Definition: Married life is a lot like Kashmir! It is very beautiful, but there are many unknown horror hidden in the wearing!


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